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Sleep Apnea & Behavior Problems in Children

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About Sleep Apnea and Childhood Behavior Problems 

You may be wondering why your child has been sleeping poorly. One common cause for behavior problems in children is sleep apnea, where the airway becomes blocked while your child is asleep, causing them to wake frequently throughout the night. 

Children with sleep apnea may not be able to participate in their usual activities, which will lead them into agitation or even aggressive behavior due to excessive tiredness from lack of proper sleep and being upset that they can’t do what they would like to.

A third-party doctor who specializes in pediatric medicine can diagnose this condition through an overnight sleep study. The medical professional will ask about your child’s symptoms and behavior in order to better understand them. They’ll also want information on how often your child sleeps and their normal wake-up routine. 

You can assist in your child’s treatment by keeping to a relaxed and consistent bedtime routine, as well as ensuring that they have the maximum amount of time possible for a good night’s sleep. Elevating your child’s head with pillows made for sleep apnea, or adjusting the incline of your child’s mattress,  will also assist in opening their airway. Your pediatric dentist may prescribe devices to be worn at night to help open up airways for symptom management including better sleep.

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