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Does a Root Canal in Kendall Require a Crown?

Root Canal in Kendall

Suffering from tooth pain and sensitivity from an infection? If so, your dentist has likely recommended root canal surgery, or an apicoectomy. What is involved in the procedure? Does a root canal in Kendall require a crown? Here’s what you should know.

What Is a Root Canal Exactly?

An endodontic treatment, a root canal treats infected pulp in your tooth. Pulp is the soft core inside your tooth that contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves.

A root canal procedure is done to treat microbial infections as well as to prevent them in the future in a chipped or cracked tooth or one with a cavity. This procedure helps to save the tooth, as the other option is typically extraction, or removal of the tooth.

During a root canal, the inflamed pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned. Then, the root canal(s) is reshaped and filled with a biocompatible substance to seal the tooth.

So, Does a Root Canal in Kendall Require a Crown?

The answer to your question, “Does a root canal in Kendall require a crown,” is that it depends. The biggest factor in whether you need a crown or not is the location of the tooth. If it is a molar or premolar, you most likely need a crown.

The crown after a root canal helps protect your tooth from the stress of chewing and grinding. If your affected tooth is a canine or incisor, or it’s a premolar or molar that is mostly intact, you may not need a crown. This helps reduce the cost of your root canal, as well as the number of visits to your dentist.

For a Painless Root Canal in Kendall, Turn to People First Dentistry!

If you have an infected tooth, don’t let fear of a painful procedure keep you from the treatment you need. A root canal is less painful than an infected tooth! And here at People First Dentistry, Dr. Villavicnecio offers DentalVibe and other pain-free methods to ensure you have a pleasant experience.
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