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Need an Emergency Dentist Near Coral Gables for My Severe Tooth Pain! - People First Dentistry | Miami, Kendall, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables

Need an Emergency Dentist Near Coral Gables for My Severe Tooth Pain!

Urgent Dental Care Coral Gables

Dental pain can be one of the most irritating and difficult to handle pains that you can experience. This pain can also indicate issues that need correction from a good dentist or oral surgeon. Here are some tips on what to do if you think you need an emergency dentist near Coral Gables.

Not Sure if You Need Urgent Dental Care? Here’s How to Determine Whether You Need an Emergency Dentist Near Coral Gables!

If you experience trauma to the mouth and a tooth is broken, chipped, or otherwise injured, this is a pretty clear indication that you should go to the emergency room or an emergency dentist. But, if you are feeling tooth pain, it can be tough sometimes to determine at what point you absolutely must go to a dentist. Ideally, you should go to the dentist as soon as you feel pain in your teeth, but if this is not possible, you should absolutely seek emergency care under a few circumstances, such as severe pain, a mouth injury, or an infection. 

Sharp pain can happen if you have an untreated cavity. Throbbing pain can be the result of an infection in your teeth, and a root canal may be necessary. In both of these cases, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. General sensitivity is less of a concern, but it is still good to consult a dentist. 

What Should You Do if You Can’t Get to the Dentist Right Away?

If you do not need immediate attention and can wait to have your teeth looked at until the dentist opens, you should take a few steps to make sure that your teeth are cared for. First, use warm water to rinse your mouth. You can also use a cold compress against your cheek to relieve any pain and swelling. Some pain relievers can help for a bit.

What Could Happen if You Don’t Seek Urgent Dental Care?

If you avoid going to a dentist if you have severe tooth pain, you may end up having permanent damage or needing even more treatment in the future. This treatment may also end up being more expensive. 

Your Search for an Emergency Dentist Near Coral Gable for Your Tooth Pain or Other Urgent Need Is Over!

People First Dentistry is the best emergency dentist near Coral Gables. We are very experienced in a range of dental issues, and we can help diagnose and treat the cause of your severe tooth pain. Give us a call at 786-310-3540 to make an appointment today.