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Root Canal Awareness Month: Busting Myths About Root Canals in Coral Gables - People First Dentistry | Miami, Kendall, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables

Root Canal Awareness Month: Busting Myths About Root Canals in Coral Gables

Root Canal Awareness Month: Busting Myths About Root Canals in Coral Gables

Hearing that you need a root canal can certainly be a scary experience, but it might just be pesky myths causing your fear. Join your dentist in Root Canal Awareness Month and celebrate dentistry without worry – here are the top five myths about root canals in Gables busted!

Myth: Root Canals Are Super Painful

The most common misconception surrounding root canals is that they’re this scary, unbearably painful procedure. Thankfully, this isn’t the case, thanks to advancements in modern medicine.

Local anesthesia used during this treatment makes root canals incredibly tolerable. It feels similar to a standard dental procedure like a filling.

Myth: Tooth Extraction Is the Better Route

As a general rule, saving the natural tooth is always the best route. This isn’t always possible for everyone, but it is for most. A root canal that saves your tooth is less timely and expensive, and it offers the advantages of efficient chewing, natural appearance, and a normal bite force.

Myth: It Actually Removes the Roots

Roots anchor your teeth to your jawbone, so this is a pretty scary myth to hear, right? Fortunately, a root canal doesn’t actually remove the roots of your tooth, only the inflamed and infected tissue within the crown and pulp.

Myth: Root Canals Take Forever to Do

This misconception is a result of old sayings and less than advanced practices that are no longer used. Once more, modern medicine has made root canals in Coral Gables easier, faster, and less painful. It typically only takes one 60- to 90-minute appointment to do the procedure itself.

Myth: My Tooth Is Completely Fixed Afterwards

A root canal is only the beginning of restoring your teeth to the best health possible. After your procedure, your tooth receives a temporary filling, then you undergo permanent restoration after two to three weeks.

Experience Easy, Pain-Free Root Canals in Gables at People First Dentistry!

People First Dentistry is proudly serving patients in Miami and surrounding areas with safe dental services that are designed to be as comfortable as possible.

This month and every month forward, we invite you to celebrate Root Canal Awareness Month and book your procedure without fear by calling 786-310-3540!