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Mouthguards for Adults

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About Mouthguards for Adults

While it is important to get regular exercise to maintain health, certain activities can cause damage to your teeth. Sports can be hard on your teeth, but the use of a mouthguard can decrease the risk of serious damage. There are three kinds of mouthguards you can purchase. Each kind has its own unique features and benefits. The store-bought mouthguard is the most popular. These guards come preformed and in small, medium, and large sizes. While convenient, they are not custom-fitted to your mouth.

You can also purchase mouthguards you can fit at home by putting them in boiling water to soften them and then molding them to your teeth to shape them. However,  this type of mouthguard still may be loose or even come out while you are wearing them.

The third option is getting a custom-fit mouthguard from your dentist. Custom guards are a bit more expensive, but they are more comfortable and provide the best protection against injury.