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Digital Dental Impressions


About Digital Dental Impressions 

The latest technology for capturing a 3-D image of your mouth is digital dental impressions. This process can create a significantly more accurate mold of your teeth than the more traditional molding. The use of a dental wand to capture 3D images of both your teeth, gums, and oral tissue allows your dentist to create a full rendering of your mouth. Those images can then be sent directly to a lab to be analyzed and used to create dentures, bridges, and other oral prosthetics almost immediately.

Digital impressions provide a better experience than traditional mold-making materials for people with sensitive teeth or an aversion to modeling materials in their mouths. Dentists can see and assess a scan of your mouth on the computer to make sure everything is accurate in real time, saving you and your dentist from the need for multiple visits and adjustments later.

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