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Brushing & Flossing with Braces

Dental hygiene

About Brushing and Flossing With Braces

It is important for you to brush and floss with braces, not only to prevent cavities but also gum disease. Brushing and practicing excellent oral hygiene is crucial when it comes to maintaining oral health.

Brushing with braces is a little different than without, but it’s important to understand that you should brush along the gums and up, and do not attempt to push your toothbrush under the braces and against the teeth. 

When brushing, use light circular motions around the teeth to remove any food particles stuck between their gaps, which can lead to plaque buildup or cavities. A light and gentle hand is also needed for flossing. Take care not to snag your floss on the brackets or to pull them, as you could damage the wires. 

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