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Fixed Dentures

Close up dentures with dentist

About Fixed Dentures (Implant-Supported Dentures)

Fixed dentures, or permanent dentures, are rows of prosthetic teeth affixed to a framework of implants to replace multiple missing teeth. They are an effective option that combines implants and traditional dentures to restore the look and function of patients with multiple missing teeth without individual implants for each tooth. 

Fixed dentures, unlike their removable counterparts, do not move or shift when eating or speaking. Fixed dentures can last over 20 years and can only be removed by your dentist or oral surgeon unless you request that they be removable. Fixed dentures have many benefits, including: 

  • Maintaining jawbone strength
  • Natural appearance and function
  • No discomfort from rubbing or abrading gums 
  • Same oral hygiene used for natural teeth, no special care required 
  • Secure placement
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