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Can My Dentist Also Provide Orthodontics in Kendall? - People First Dentistry | Miami, Kendall, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables

Can My Dentist Also Provide Orthodontics in Kendall?


There’s no doubt that you’ve come across someone wearing braces or clear aligners. Over 4 million people in the US are currently in braces. If you think you’re in need of braces, you may be wondering if your dentist can provide the proper care or if you need to see a specialist. Read more to learn if your dentist can provide orthodontics in Kendall. 

What Is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists who went on to do extra schooling to specialize in orthodontia. Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaw that deal with alignment. 

Orthodontists don’t provide restorative procedures like fillings or crowns, as they only work with braces, clear aligners, and occasionally oral surgeons to align the teeth and jaws for better biting. However, many dentists can provide some orthodontic treatments for children and adults, such as Invisalign, as an added service.

Is My Dentist Qualified to Provide Orthodontics in Kendall?

Although general dentists have more of a broad spectrum of care they provide, in many states they are still able to provide specialty services like orthodontics. 

Many dentists take continuing education courses to learn more about specialty services, like Invisalign, to provide a single-office dental experience for the patients. 

But if a case is more complex, the general dentist will see that need and refer out to an orthodontist who only works with orthodontics and can better serve that patient’s needs. 

How Can I Tell if I Should Trust My Dentist for Orthodontics?

You will want to ask your dentist how many hours of continuing education they have had in the field of orthodontics. You can also ask which courses they took and how long ago they took them. They may have had training from their aligner brands that they offer, and that is okay!

Looking for reviews is always a good way to determine if a dentist is right for you. If their current orthodontic patients are happy, you can almost be sure you will be happy too! 

Bottom Line, Your Dentist Can Likely Provide Orthodontics in Kendall, but Be Sure to Choose People First to Know You Can Trust Your Orthodontic Care to the Area’s Top Provider

Dr. Villavicencio provides his patients with safe and effective Invisalign treatment. He has had hours of continuing education and years of experience providing orthodontics to his patients, and People First Dentistry is currently accepting new patients. 

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