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Blood Pressure Medications & Your Gums - People First Dentistry | Miami, Kendall, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables

Blood Pressure Medications & Your Gums

3d render of tooth in bleeding gums

About Blood Pressure Medicine and Gums 

Prescription medications, particularly medications classified as calcium channel blockers, can cause unexpected dental concerns. Calcium channel blockers are usually prescribed to patients with blood pressure and / or heart conditions. These medications can cause the gums to overgrow, leading to a condition called gingival hyperplasia, or lumpy gums. 

In addition to the negative effect on your smile’s appearance, this can make it very difficult to brush and floss your teeth, leading to plaque buildup in areas where that calcium buildup is impeding you from properly removing it. Lumpy gums can also cause a deficiency in saliva production, causing dry mouth. Dry mouth is known to cause dental issues, as saliva is our natural defense against plaque and bacteria build-up. 

Your dentist will devise treatment plans to assist you in managing and treating gingival hyperplasia without the need to cease taking your medication. Please do not stop taking any life-saving medication without consulting your physician and your dentist.

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