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Are Teeth Cleanings in Miami Painful?

Are Teeth Cleanings in Miami Painful

Dental cleanings, and pretty much anything related to dentistry, can feel pretty intimidating. So, you likely have questions before you visit the dentist. Are teeth cleanings in Miami painful? Before you skip out on that annual cleaning, read what professionals have to say!

Why Would I Need a Teeth Cleaning?

It’s understandable that you dread your teeth cleaning and would prefer to skip it, but there are many benefits to getting your teeth professionally cleaned every so often. An important part of oral hygiene, a proper teeth cleaning takes your oral health to the next level.

A teeth cleaning removes the plaque and tartar that your toothbrush unfortunately can’t. After that removal of tartar and plaque, your dentist uses a gritty toothpaste with a high-powered electric brush to gently scrub and deep clean.

An expert-level flossing, rinse, and fluoride treatment are up next, ensuring complete cleanliness and that your results will last until your next cleaning.

Are Teeth Cleanings in Miami Painful? What Can I Expect?

Put simply, no, teeth cleanings aren’t painful. Or, rather, they shouldn’t be painful. There are reasons why you might be experiencing discomfort during your cleaning however.

Complicating factors such as tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, and other signs of oral disease can result in increased sensitivity and pain during the cleaning process. Waiting too long in between teeth cleanings can create a buildup of debris, furthering sensitivity and discomfort.

Steps you can take to prevent pain is, of course, addressing the core issue. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever an hour before your appointment is perfectly fine to do as well. Using a desensitizing toothbrush, avoiding overbrushing, and practicing good oral hygiene are more important steps for a pain-free, stress-free dental cleaning.

Where Can I Learn More for a Safe, Pain-Free Experience?

Look, we get it. We understand why you’re nervous about your dental cleaning, but we’re here to help. To answer your question, “Are teeth cleanings in Miami painful,” is a no. We use a gentle but effective approach to ensure a thorough cleaning without the discomfort!

Contact us at 786-310-3540 to book your safe and gentle dental cleaning for healthy, happy teeth!