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Am I Too Old for Orthodontics in Miami? - People First Dentistry | Miami, Kendall, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables

Am I Too Old for Orthodontics in Miami?


Most patients receive treatment as a child or teenager. This often leads to the question, “Am I too old for orthodontics in Miami?” Keep reading to find out the surprising answer!

Why Are Orthodontics So Important to My Health and Smile?

Orthodontics refers to the treatment of irregularities in your teeth and jaw, such as misalignment. This mainly includes the use of braces to correct the alignment of your teeth for optimal oral health and a dazzling smile.

These irregularities could be crowding of teeth, an underbite or overbite, spacing between the teeth, and missing teeth. They can affect any age, but tend to become evident in childhood.

Leaving these issues unattended can not only affect your confidence but the health of your mouth as well, causing you discomfort or outright pain, issues with chewing, and similar complications that can really affect quality of life.

What Is the Right Age for Orthodontics? Am I Too Old for Orthodontics in Miami?

While it is true that a majority of people who undergo orthodontic care are younger, ranging from children to young adults, the reality is that you’re never too old to receive care for this particular issue. Whether your smile has been bothering you for 10 years or 30, it’s not too late to fix it.

So, if you’re wondering, “Am I too old for orthodontics in Miami,” remember that it’s better late than never. There are many treatment options available for you to discreetly and comfortably improve your condition. The only difference is that treatment may take slightly longer due to you having all of your permanent adult teeth.

Bottom line: any age can benefit from improving their smile, and there’s absolutely no judgment if you’ve waited later in life to receive orthodontic care!

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