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Are Crowns Painful? People First Dentistry Explains - People First Dentistry | Miami, Kendall, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables

Are Crowns Painful? People First Dentistry Explains

Inlay ceramic crown fixation over toot

Crowns are a fantastic dental restoration option, offering strength, durability, and a natural-looking solution for damaged or weakened teeth. But a common concern is pain – “Are crowns painful?” At People First Dentistry, we understand your anxiety, and we’re here to assure you that getting a crown is a comfortable experience.

The Crown Procedure: Minimizing Discomfort

The crown placement process typically involves two appointments. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in terms of pain:

  • First Appointment:

    • Numbing: Local anesthesia is used to completely numb the tooth and surrounding area. You shouldn’t feel any pain during this process.
    • Shaping the Tooth: Some minor discomfort might be felt as the dentist removes a small amount of enamel to prepare the tooth for the crown. However, the numbing medication significantly minimizes this.
  • Second Appointment:

    • Crown Placement: Once the permanent crown arrives, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and gently place the permanent one. There shouldn’t be any pain during this stage.

Post-Procedure Sensitivity: What to Expect

After the numbing medication wears off, it’s normal to experience some mild discomfort or sensitivity around the crowned tooth. This is because the surrounding tissues are healing. Here’s how to manage this:

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers: Taking medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can effectively manage any discomfort.
  • Sensitivity toothpaste: Using a toothpaste formulated for tooth sensitivity can provide additional relief.
  • Cold compress: Applying a cold compress to your cheek near the treated area can reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Soft foods: Sticking to a soft diet for a few days allows the area to heal comfortably. Avoid very hot or cold foods and beverages for a while.

What to Do If You Experience Unusual Pain

While some post-procedure sensitivity is normal, if you experience persistent or severe pain, contact People First Dentistry immediately. This could indicate:

  • Improper bite: The crown might be affecting your bite, causing discomfort when chewing. Your dentist can easily adjust the crown.
  • Infection: In rare cases, an infection might develop under the crown. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

People First Dentistry: Prioritizing Your Comfort

At People First Dentistry, patient comfort is our top priority. We use advanced techniques and gentle approaches throughout the crown placement process. We’ll discuss your concerns beforehand and address any questions you might have.

If you’re considering a crown, don’t let the fear of pain hold you back. Call People First Dentistry, dentist in Kendall, today at 786-310-3540 to schedule a consultation. We’ll ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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